Programme Overview

(5 OCT)

09.45am – 11.40am

GOH speech

Opening Plenary Session

Why Place Energy Efficiency at the Forefront of Corporate Strategy
Er. Lucas Ng, General Manager, Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore

Energy Efficiency 2017
Samuel Thomas, Senior Programme Manager, International Energy Agency

EENP Awards Ceremony

Networking Lunch
01.00pm – 02.30pm

Plenary Session 1: Maximising the benefits of energy efficiency measures with an effective energy management system

ExxonMobil Global Energy Management System
Bhaskar Venkatraman, Technical Division Manager, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Shimano’s Journey in Energy Management Excellence
Soo Ming Hwa, Executive Director, Shimano Singapore Pte Ltd

Achieving greenhouse gas reduction goals through active energy management
Alex Chan, Regional Head, Schneider Electric Hong Kong

Jacobs Energy Efficiency Programmes & Capabilities
Sumit Sikdar, Manager, Process Engineering, Jacobs Engineering Singapore

Moderator: A/P Ho Hiang Kwee, NCCS, Lead Technologist

Networking Tea Break
Breakout session 1
03.00pm – 04.35pm

Track 1A: Don’t let your margins vapourise – Energy efficiency for the energy and chemical sector

Energy savings using two-stage flashing
Ong Lih Ren, Technology Manager, Shell Chemicals Seraya Pte Ltd – Shell Jurong Island

Improve thermal efficiency of fired process cracking furnaces
Ng Chee Wai, Technology & Optimization Manager, Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore

Distribution system upgrade for hydrogenation reactor optimisation and energy efficiency improvement
Rangaswamy Premkumar, Technical Services Manager, Eastman Chemical

Chemical engineers working in power plants – huh ???
Norman Lee, Managing Director, Actsys Process Management Consultants Pte Ltd

Moderator: Prof Iftekhar Abubakar Karimi, NUS. Dept Chem and Biomolecular Eng, (Member, GREET TEP)

03.00pm – 04.35pm

Track 1B: Staying competitive with energy efficiency – the SME advantage

The benefits of being an early adopter of energy efficiency
Ho Kok Pin, Operations Director, Ardentec Singapore

Experience in energy management at PacificLight power station
Kwong Kok Chan, Deputy General Manager, PacificLight Power

Successful SME case studies in energy efficiency
Dr Jahangeer K Abdul Halim, LJ Energy

Moderator: Yeo Kim Dek, SDCL

Closing Plenary Day 1

Moderator: Prof Toh Kok Chuan, Principal Research Scientist, (Member, GREET TEP), NTU

(6 OCT)

09.00am – 10.30am

Plenary Session 2: Improving the energy efficiency of common industrial systems

Common industrial equipment and systems in Singapore: How energy efficient are they?
Rohit Gadre, Consultant, DNV GL Singapore

Global fan energy efficiency regulations and technological developments
Mark Stevens, Executive Director, AMCA International

Ascertaining efficiency for air-side equipment
Carsten Ederer, Technical Director, ebm-papst SEA Pte Ltd

Moderator: Norman Lee, Chairman, Energy Technical Committee, IES; Managing Director, Actsys Process Management Consultants Pte Ltd

Networking Tea Break
11.00am – 12.15pm

Plenary Session 3: Data analytics for energy efficiency: actionable insights on reducing energy waste

Achieving Long-term Competitiveness & Sustainability – Energy Efficiency through Advanced Manufacturing
Damian Chan, Executive Director, Energy and Chemicals, EDB

Baselining to advanced analytics – end to end energy management with 3 tools
Harsh Choudhry, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company Singapore

Real-time-optimisation at the ExxonMobil Singapore Refinery
Lee Cha Kun, Real Time Optimisation Specialist, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Moderator: Ken Hickson, Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA)

Networking Lunch
Breakout session 2
01.45pm – 03.00pm

Track 2A: Beyond low-hanging fruit for energy efficiency in the electronics and pharmaceutical sectors

Strategies and success factors in achieving energy efficiency in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment
Avtar Singh, Senior Manager – Engineering, Reliability & Energy Management, MSD International GmbH (Singapore Branch)

Developing artifical intelligence (AI) for energy efficiency
Ted Chen, Co-Founder and Chief Product Architect, Evercomm

Insights from an energy efficiency benchmarking study on laboratories
Nagarajan Balamurugan, Senior Research Engineer, Energy Research Institute @ NTU

Moderator: Lee Soon Kiat, Executive Committee Member, Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA)

01.45pm – 03.00pm

Track 2B: Savings-backed agreements for financing energy efficiency

Continuous improvements through retro-commissioning, real time monitoring, data analytics and performance contracting- Case study at DCP Sentosa

C.V Kumar, COO, Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd (BBP)
Alexander Amirtham, General Manager, DCP (Sentosa) Pte Ltd (RWS)

“Air-conditioning as a service”: What is it and why all the hype?
Benjamin Lai, General Manager, Kaer Pte Ltd

Moderator: Mr Desmond Li, Head, Resource Development Division, Economic Development Board (EDB)

Networking Tea Break
Breakout session 3
03.30pm – 04.40pm

Track 3A: Getting a slice of the energy efficiency pie – EE for the food and manufacturing sector

Energy saving ice condensation vacuum system at refinery plant
Kyaw Kyaw Zin, Energy and Water Efficiency Manager, Fuji Oil

Waste heat recovery from boiler flue gas by installing condensing economiser for Loos boiler
Eric Chew, Engineering Manager, Nestle Singapore

How artificial intelligence enables smart energy management for HVAC – applied to the food manufacturing industry
Frédéric Crampé, Founder and Co-CEO, BeeBryte

Moderator: Dr Lal Jayamaha, CEO, LJ Energy

03.30pm – 04.40pm

Track 3B: Solar PV for the industrial sector

The economics of solar PV in Singapore
Dr Thomas Reindl, Deputy CEO, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)

Rolls-Royce Singapore’s solar PV journey
William Tan, Energy Manager, Rolls-Royce Singapore

JTC’s SolarRoof Story – Overcoming industrial infrastructure challenges to catalyse the growth of solar energy
Ng Eng Sin, Deputy Director, Planning and Development, JTC Corporation

Moderator: Christophe Inglin, Energetix

Closing Plenary Day 2

Moderator: Ken Hickson, SASA